About Faisal Saya

Faisal Saya is a dynamic business leader. Having proven record in business and organizational leadership, he is now cited as a trendsetter within the business circles. Mr. Faisal Saya is also a motivational speaker and a number of people from business communities regularly attend his lectures and speaking sessions. Faisal Saya is young, educated and enthusiastic business leader from head to toe. In a very short period, he has emerged not merely as a business leader, but also as an opinion leader contributing and sharing a wealth of knowledge through viable suggestions, creative ideas and long-term solutions.

Faisal Saya believes in continuous organizational growth and development by aggressively venturing into new business and industrial sector, and this is the stick-in-the-mud attitude that makes a thriving business come to an end, according to Faisal Saya. Faisal Saya, as per his nature, is a doer. Be it a matter of opening up a new business unit or be it a matter of investing into a totally new business domain, Faisal Saya knows how to keep running in order to achieve excellence and brilliance.