About Us

Established in 1991, Al-Rahim is a leading home textile manufacturer and exporter from Pakistan with a modern, state of the art plant & machinery to produce quality products- towels, bedding and kitchen linens. Constructed over an area of 38 acres of land near Karachi, the mill has a vertically integrated setup that allows all production within the premises. With safety and social compliances a top priority, the management has taken all possible precautions for health & safety while also protecting the environment. With a comprehensive product range, and by exporting to world renowned companies, Al-Rahim has developed a strong customer base which is the company's greatest asset. The company believes in having a long term relationship with its customers and relies on both Quality and On-time delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

Leading from the front

Al-Rahim is a family owned business, the Board of directors comprise of visionary businessmen Mr. Abdul Rahim Saya and his two sons Mr. Faisal Rahim Saya, and Mr. Shehzad Rahim Saya. With a passion to remain matchless in the world of home textiles in terms of sustainable business development and growth, Al-Rahim Textile Industries believes in continuously producing world-class quality products for our valued customers. Mr. Shehzad Rahim Saya- a textile graduate and CEO of the company- imparts valuable technical knowhow and skills to the business. Our mission is to produce efficiently while creating value for our customers.